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Meet some of the Smaart-est guys on the planet

Aleksandras Ratmanovas

Alex Ratmanovas has been active in the field of professional audio for more than 12 years in the Baltic and Russian regions. His experience includes system engineering, live mixing for major acts, broadcast mixing of “The Voice of Lithuania” TV series, and technical production for a variety of events ranging from clubs, fashion shows, corporate events and festivals. He is an experienced user of major sound systems such as L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, JBL and many others. Through this broad experience, Alex has become a consultant, engineer and teacher based in Tallinn, Estonia. Most recently Alex has become a Smaart instructor while continuing to offer his own System Engineering and FOH Mixing educational programs in Russia and Baltic countries.

Arthur Skudra

Mr. Arthur Skudra has over 20 years experience in designing technical media systems, including acoustics, sound, lighting, and video systems, for very large auditoriums, theatres, stadiums, and contemporary churches throughout North America. He has also served as a technical director, supervising and providing technical staffing for productions, radio and television production coordination, dramatic musical production coordination, volunteer training, for a church of over 5,000 people. He is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer, having conducted numerous training workshops throughout North America and Asia, and completed graduate degrees in education and communication, and has a strong background in music before making a career of professional audio. He works out of his Hamilton, Canada office as a audiovisual consultant, and dreams of smooth magnitude response curves in his sleep.

Chris Tsanjoures

After a brief internship followed by a part-time position, Chris officially joined Rational Acoustics as a full time employee in March 2012. His current roles also include Product Management and Smaart Instructor.  Since 2014 Chris has taught over 50 Smaart classes in 10+ countries and has given lectures and presentations at multiple industry tradeshows. 

When not traveling the world teaching Smaart classes, Chris manages many aspects of the Smaart product development process including feature & UI specifications and 3rd party integration development.  And if that isn't enough, he also handles user application support.

Davide Lombardi

Over the past 15 years Davide Lombardi has provided his technical skills for rock stars, pop singers, actors, opera stars and musicals. He has worked as a sound designer and system engineer for artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Amy Winehouse, Foo Fighters, James Taylor, Oasis , Kate Bush, Andrea Bocelli, Simply Red, Beck, Regina Spektor, Gary Barlow and Il Divo.

 In 2015 he won the prestigious ”Engineer of the Year” ProSound Award and has also been responsible for the sound design of many international music festivals including the MTV Music Awards, Glastonbury, Primo Maggio, the Olympics Handover and for a variety of musicals, fashion shows, industrial presentations, ship launches and corporate events.

In addition to his work in live performance he is responsible for many important architectural sound projects and installations. He teaches and lectures on the subject of sound throughout the world and has a been a certified Smaart Instructor since 2011.

Fernando Fortes

Fernando is a Sound Designer and Electrical Engineer, with over 20 years dedicated to professional audio. His work includes sound design for many musical theater shows in Brazil including "Shrek the Musical" for which he won Best Sound Design and the 2014 Bibi Ferreira Awards and "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" for which he was nominated for Best Original Track at the 2015 Aplauso Brazil Awards. Fernando has also worked as a system designed and project engineer for many theaters, museums, houses of worship, retails stores and other installations.

Fernando has been involved with Smaart training since 2008 and is the official Smaart Instructor for Brazil.  He holds multiple yearly classes throughout Brazil in key cities including Rio de Janiero, Brasilisa, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza.

Francesco Apolloni

Francesco Apolloni has over 35 years experience into professional sound world. In his career he has been working as recording and mixing engineer, system engineer, consultant, trainer and legal expert. At the same time he has served as FOH engineer and PA man for numerous theatre performances, pop concerts, jazz festivals, rock, blues and corporate events.

As as trainer he developed programs and teaching methods specific for sound business. His classes are intended to provide, expand and deepen the technical knowledge required for proper use of systems and audio equipment, but also enhance the personal skills of the participants, rearrange and consolidate knowledge and methods of those who already do this job as well as train young people who want work in the field of audio engineering.

James Woods

Español: James Woods es un destacado ingeniero de sonido que vive en España y que encabeza la empresa Woods Engineering, con sede en Madrid. La empresa surgió de los trabajos free-lance de sonido que James realizaba en España y otros países de Europa, para conciertos, televisión, instalaciones, reparaciones, asesoramiento, ingeniería y análisis electroacústico (con SIM® y SmaartLive).

English: James Woods is a prominent audio engineer and CEO of Woods Engineering. Based in Madrid, the company evolved from James’s own free-lance work in Spain and other countries in Europe that included concert sound, TV, design/build installations, system troubleshooting, consulting, and electro-acoustical analysis (SIM® and SmaartLive).

Jamie Anderson

Jamie has been teaching and working in the field of sound system engineering, measurement and alignment for over 25 years. Prior to founding Rational Acoustics, he worked as a technical support manager and SIM instructor for Meyer Sound Laboratories, as a system engineer on tour for A-1 Audio (kd Lang) and UltraSound (Dave Matthews Band) as a product manager and instructor for SIA and EAW.

In the course of his professional career, Jamie has taught more than 300 SIM and Smaart classes, for over 3000 students (!), in over 20 countries on 6 continents. He has been the house system engineer for 4 Montreux Jazz Festivals and 6 Telluride Bluegrass Festivals, has worked with Grateful Dead, Anita Baker and Louis Miguel Tours, and has been involved in hundreds of system alignments across a vast and diverse range of venues (studio to stadium) and applications (theatre, church, clubs, rock and roll tours, conventions, etc .)

What he has learned from his career so far is that art and practice of system alignment is as varied and expanding as the people, equipment and applications that encompass the field, that training classes are always a two-way street, and that anyone that understands their tools can create new and effective ways to use them.

Ji Xiang

Ji Xiang is the Head of the Recording Engineering Program at Communication University of China. He has 15 years of experience as a sound engineer and has been teaching sound reinforcement since 2013. He is very experienced in mixing jazz, orchestra and world music, both live and in studio; and has an in-depth understanding of sound system measurement and tuning. 

Ji Xiang is a very experienced English-Chinese translator and interpreter in professional audio. He is the translator of YAMAHA Sound Reinforcement Handbook, and has worked with Bob McCarthy, Christopher Pyne, Gavin Tampany, Jamie Anderson, Jim Ebdon, Joe Campbell and Luca Pretolesi as interpreter for their training classes in China.

Michael Haeck

Michael is the owner of AudioTec, as well as the house sound engineer at the Cologne Arena and one of the most well known and well respected live sound engineers in Germany.  Michael has been a Smaart instructor since 2006 and has teaches numerous classes throughout Germany and Austria every year.

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