Franck Voiffray

Franck VOIFFRAY has over 30 years experience in the field of professional audio as a Sound Designer and Sound Engineer and has been working as mixing engineer (FOH & MON), system engineer, system designer, consultant for live/tour as well many theaters, museums, houses of worship, venues, retails stores. He has been involved in many system alignments across a diverse range of venues (studio to stadium) and several different applications (theatre, church, clubs, rock and roll tours, conventions, fashion shows,  etc .). Design/build installations, system troubleshooting, consulting, and electro-acoustical analysis (Smaart, etc...).

As a pro-audio instructor & certified Smaart instructor, he teaches and lectures on the subject of sound throughout different venues (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, North America, FWI, North Africa, Caribbean islands, etc...). Franck is bi-lingual in French and English with French as his preferred language.

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