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Meet some of the Smaart-est guys on the planet

Ji Xiang

Ji Xiang is the Head of the Recording Engineering Program at Communication University of China. He has 15 years of experience as a sound engineer and has been teaching sound reinforcement since 2013. He is very experienced in mixing jazz, orchestra and world music, both live and in studio; and has an in-depth understanding of sound system measurement and tuning. 

Ji Xiang is a very experienced English-Chinese translator and interpreter in professional audio. He is the translator of YAMAHA Sound Reinforcement Handbook, and has worked with Bob McCarthy, Christopher Pyne, Gavin Tampany, Jamie Anderson, Jim Ebdon, Joe Campbell and Luca Pretolesi as interpreter for their training classes in China.

Michael Haeck

Michael is the owner of AudioTec, as well as the house sound engineer at the Cologne Arena and one of the most well known and well respected live sound engineers in Germany.  Michael has been a Smaart instructor since 2006 and has teaches numerous classes throughout Germany and Austria every year.

Rajesh Khade

Dr Rajesh KhadeA Doctor by Profession and a System Engineer by Passion, Dr. Rajesh Khade has been working in the field of Sound for the past several years and has experience working with major systems like L Acoustics and d&b. He has worked as a System Engineer for numerous events across India and also conducts his own System Engineering course. He became a Smaart Instructor in 2019 and is conducting trainings across India in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.


Rasmus Rosenberg

Rasmus is arasmus rosenberg freelance system tech and Smaart user since 2002.  He's also been a Smaart beta tester since 2006 and a Smaart Instructor since 2016. He's the house technician at the venue Vega in Copenhagen and has been a system tech for Victory Tour production, DPA Soundco. Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, DAD & Safri Duo.  Rasmus is bi-lingual in Danish and English and teaches classes throughout Scandinavia.


Ruan Joubert

Ruan Joubert is based in Johannesburg, South-Africa where he started his career in 2007 as a freelance sound engineer, while studying Music and Post Product for two years. He started working at Surgesound in 2009 in Technical Sales and Support and is still with the company as a Technical Director. Ruan has been an active Smaart user since 2009 and became an instructor in 2014 and now does training all over Africa. Surgesound, the distributor for Smaart, hosts at least two formal courses a year, but Ruan also does private lectures for companies in the rental, installation, education and distribution sectors. His specialization has been Sound System Design for both the permanent installation and touring market. Ruan is Bi-lingual in English and Afrikaans, with English as preferred language to lecture in.

Salvador Castaneda

Salvador has been involved in professional audio for many years with a special emphasis on sound reinforcement training and education. He has taught countless seminars, courses and clinics around the world for manufacturers such as Meyer Sound, d&b Audiotechnik, and has toured with artists such as Andrea Bocelli, The Beastie Boys and Peter Gabriel.

Thomas Zullich

Thomas manages the Smaart sales and training programs for Scandinavia.  He is a an experienced Smaart and SIM System II engineer, having worked with both programs since the 90's. He has taught many classes over the past 25 years.



Zeng Shan

Zeng Shan has been exploring his passion for sound since 1990. He dived into live sound system engineering in 2000, then started a new career as R&D engineer after 2004 and developed audio products for up to 7 manufacturers. He was also co-founder of loudspeaker brands including IBO, ZSOUND, and MZ-AUDIO. As a pro-audio instructor, he began giving audio training starting in 2005 and to-date about 3000 technicians have participated his training courses.

Zengshan is a warm-hearted educator in the industry, he has co-founded Live Sound Reinforcement Major in Guangdong Dance and Drama College, and works as academic leader there. He also founded Golden Ears, a Chinese Social Media Platform for pro-audio education and training.

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