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Private Classes

Rational Acoustics is availible to conduct private Smaart training classes either at your facility or in our training facility at our offices in Woodstock, CT. These classes are not open to the general public and do not get listed on the Rational Acoustics web site.

The private class option is best suited for companies who may have a large number of employees needing training, for small groups or individuals whose schedules do not line up with a public class or for organizations who have specific training needs outside of the normal Smaart training curriculum.

For private classes taught at client facilities, the client assumes all class hosting responsibilities (providing the venue & AV equipment, enrollment logistics, catering, etc..). The client is also responsible for payment of the Rational Acoustics daily instructor fee as well as travel costs and hotel expenses for the instructor while on location.

For private classes taught at the Rational training facility, the client is responsible for all of their own travel expenses plus payment of the Rational Acoustics daily instructor fee.

The daily instructor fee for private Smaart classes is a fixed rate and does not vary based on the number of attendees (i.e. it's the same whether you have a group of 5 or a group of 20). Click HERE for pricing information.

Private class attendees are entitled to the same discounts on Smaart licenses as public class attendees

Private classes are scheduled based on instructor availability and we ususally require at least 3-4 months lead-time for scheduling.

All information outlined above is specific to private classes conducted by Rational Acoustics directly. For private classes arranged through a Rational Acoustics authorized distributor or Smaart instructor, please check with them directly for pricing and logistic details.

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