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Class Formats

Rational Acoustics offers training sessions that cover the fundamentals of dual and multi-channel sound system measurement, Smaart software operation, as well as the practical application of the analyzer in pro-audio work.

Although all classes follow a set curriculum, given the wide variety of measurement applications within professional sound engineering and the broad spectrum of experience levels and skill sets of class attendees, every course session will be unique depending on the specific interests and user level of the class.

Smaart Classes are always taught on the most up-to-date version of Smaart. If you do not own Smaart at the time of the training, you may use the free 30 day demo for the duration of the class.

Discounts on Smaart licenses (both new and upgrades) are available for class attendees. See the Class Pricing page for details.

The 2-day Smaart Basics class covers the basics of configuring & running Smaart v.8 for Real-Time RTA, Spectrograph and Transfer Function Measurements.

At the completion of a Smaart Basic’s class, attendees will have been guided through configuring and running Smaart v.8 for Real-Time RTA, Spectrograph, and Transfer Function measurements. It also includes a basic overview of Impulse Response mode. This class, while primarily lecture format, is supplemented by hands-on practical applications.

For a full Smaart Basics Course Outline, click HERE

The 3-day Smaart Operator: Fundamentals class comprises the material you need to know to use a Smaart rig effectively – it is the both starting point for learning to use Smaart, as well as the material that you will need to return to on an ongoing basis and master to become an advanced user. This class provides attendees a full functional knowledge of how Smaart operates as a tool and the application of Smaart to real-world sound system engineering and alignment. This class covers all functionality within the program (RTA, Spectrograph, Transfer Function and Impulse Response).

The first 2 days of class are presented in a classroom lecture and lab format, relying heavily on in-class measurements by students utilizing a signal distribution system that distributes the instructor’s measurement signals to the entire class.

The 3rd day of the class is presented as a practicum and focuses on the ”real-world” implementation of Smaart measurement rigs, the gear involved, and of course, the practical application of the information presented in the first 2 days.

For a full Smaart Operator Fundamentals Course Outline, click HERE.

The Smaart Operator Fundamentals Class is Avixa CTS Certified for 9.5 renewal units (RU’s) in either the CTS General or CTS-I (installation) or CTS-D (Designer) programs.

The 2-day Smaart Operator: Advanced class picks up where Smaart Operator: Fundamentals leaves off, taking a deep dive into various topics which fall beyond the Fundamentals course. This class is divided between morning lecture and afternoon lab practice. Attendees can expect an immersive hands-on experience using Smaart through various laboratory exercises designed to mimic real-world alignment and optimization tasks. Lab exercises will utilize multiple, diverse measurement examples and, as possible, recreate many of the same measurement tasks that are detailed in the Smaart system alignment practicum (day 3 of Operator: Fundamentals) for attendees to perform using Rational Acoustics equipment.

The Smaart Operator: Advanced class is currently only offered at the Smaart Training Center at Rational Acoustics HQ in Woodstock, CT.

For the full Smaart Operator: Advanced Course Outline, click HERE

NOTE: The Smaart Operator: Advanced class assumes prior attendance at a Smaart Operator: Fundamentals course. Students who wish to attend the Advanced course but do not meet this pre-requisite must obtain Instructor approval prior to registration.

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